Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sex With Animals; The Dark Future Unravels

            One of the most distressing and nauseating report in the social media this week was about Canada legalizing sex with animals. But this is the truth; Canada did not pass a new law legalizing oral sex with animals.
            Let us not be glad that good sense prevailed in Canada, for the truth is much worse than we think.

            Bestiality and Zoophila are the terms that represent the morbid, perverted and hedonistic act of sexual intercourse between humans and animals.

            There are animal brothels! Apparently animal brothels are on the rise in Germany under the pretext that sex with animals is a “lifestyle choice.”

            The presence of animal brothels need not surprise us, for bestiality was practiced even in the biblical times. The Bible deems bestiality as a perversion and pronounces curses upon the perverts indulging in such heinous practices. We live in a sinful world, so we expect and experience sins of all forms and sizes.

            Perverts claim that sex with animals is a lifestyle choice. Mexico, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, USA, South Africa, Columbia and Germany are the countries where one can have sexual intercourse with animals.2

            The fact that people claim bestiality as their lifestyle choice should also not depress us. We live in a world that actively promotes debauched lifestyle choices.

            Making a bad lifestyle choice is not new to us. Cigarettes, for instance, are proven (beyond doubt) to be harmful to human health. Yet we sell and promote cigarettes. People, who are well aware of the harmful effects of cigarettes upon their body, smoke them willingly.

            So the presence of sin and the sinful preference of man are not the most disturbing aspects. But what disturbs me most is the reason propounded by those combating the evil practice of bestiality.

            Recently the Danish government banned bestiality in Denmark. Yes, bestiality was once legal in Denmark!!!

            Please read this news snippet carefully; this apparently was a statement by the Danish government, “The Danish government has decided that a ban on sexual relations between humans and animals shall be implemented in the Danish legislation.

            Animals must be treated with respect and care and have the right to a high level of protection. When it comes to sexual relations between humans and animals there is a special concern to be taken into account, as the animals cannot consent to enter into a sexual relation with a human being. Another concern is that it can be difficult to identify and document possible physical or mental damage to the animal as a result of the sexual relation with a human being.” (Emphasis Mine).3

            Why did the Danes ban bestiality? The answer is simple. The Danes banned bestiality so to prevent cruelty upon animals.

            It is this answer that disturbs me the most. We are more concerned about the animals than we are about our fellow humans! In fact, we are not concerned about the wellness of human beings. By wellness, I mean the spiritual wellness.

            European countries have long since buried God into the metaphorical grave. Consequently, mankind is slowly yet steadily digging graves and burying each other.

            The morality that the Bible espouses is the creation’s most appropriate response to their creator, which is to honor and glorify God through our thoughts, words, and deeds. Sin is an assault upon God.

            Within the context of morality, when we enthrone animals, we dethrone God, who is the essence of morality. When we deem God as nonexistent or dead or when we intently ignore HIM, we adulterate and mitigate our conception of morality. God is no longer the essence of morality. Within the context of bestiality, animals have replaced God.

            Having replaced God with animals, we are more concerned about our exploitation of animals than we are about Satan’s exploitation of man to lure him to perennially sin against God.  

            Sex, as intended by God, is the sacred consummation of a marital relationship between a husband and his wife. Today, that biblical notion is being erased deliberately. Sex is liberally viewed more as a lifestyle choice by those who have buried God.

            So when we realize that animals are being inordinately hurt by brutal animalish humans, our focus is more towards saving the animals because they cannot fight their own cause.

            We should save our animals, no doubts, but then who will save the sinful mankind?

            Satan is winning huge victories in many lives. Those who stand at the sidelines and are seated at the bleachers, applaud these victories as if these victories are paving way for a blessed life.

            Today, the secular world’s message to its brutish inmates is this; it is wrong inappropriate to have sex with animals, since, by doing so, you are inordinately hurting the animals. This is the morality we desire.

            In the process, we encourage our fellow men to have sex with other humans. It does not matter if that human being is your own spouse or the spouse of your neighbor or even a fellow male or a fellow female. Adultery and homosexuality are Aok! But please do not hurt the animals.

            Morality is thrown into the fire from the frying pan progressively and almost irreversibly.  

            We may think and celebrate that we are saving our animals, but we are losing our fellow men to Satan’s schemes. We do not realize Satan’s presence because we have buried God. Consequently, we are the causal agents encouraging morality to plummet into darker depths all the while thinking that we are the defenders of morality.

            We are defending a skimmed morality. The essence of morality, God, has been skimmed.

            While the world condemns bestiality, it celebrates fornication, premarital sex, homosexuality, adultery and what not!  Welcome to the darker future.

            Do not live under the false impression that our future will be glorious. Our future will not be glorious. Our future will be dark.

            I am not referring to a darker future with respect to our economic development or technological development and the likes. Our world, with respect to its moral state of affairs, will plunge into darker depths.

            What then is the need of the hour?

            God should be in the equation. In other words, those who believe in God ought to remain in Christ, voice their opinions, and strengthen their children and their neighbors to live for God and HIM alone. When we live for God, our thoughts, words and deeds will be pleasing in HIS sight. When we live for God, we will strive to be morally upright and by the grace of our dear Lord, we will.

            As long as Satan exists, and he will exist until he is annihilated by Christ in the future, evil will prosper and morality will plummet. In this depressing situation, if we can live strong and well in the Lord, it is to our benefit.

            Many Christians will be swayed by the world and will depart from the truth that is only found in Christ. These so-called Christians are the wolves in sheep’s clothing (cf. Matthew 7: 15). Beware of them. They will demand that we be politically correct and be tolerant of anything and everything that happens around us.

            I believe it was Francis Schaeffer who predicted that mankind would compromise absolute truth, “Today not only in philosophy but in politics, government, and individual morality, our generation sees solutions in terms of synthesis and not absolutes. When this happens, truth, as people have always thought of truth, has died.” Let us not compromise the absolute truth, rather let us live for the absolute truth in Christ and may the truth set people free.





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