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Who Rapes Children and Forces them to Eat Excreta?

            On May 30, 2014 Reuters reported the arrest of the owner and the manager of an underprivileged children’s boarding school in India because “five minors said they were raped, forced to watch pornographic films and act them out with one another…The children were made to eat faeces as a punishment if they did not comply.”1 Who in the right mind can construct a deed so evil to destroy lives rather irreparably?

            To force porn on children, to act them out with each other, and to rape them is horrendous evil. But to force the children to eat faeces (excreta) when they failed to comply with the evil demands is ridiculously horrendous. What kind of a mind is so evil?

            Ravi Zacharias speaks about “Snake Alley,”2 where men consume a combination of snake’s blood and alcohol and then molest children for their sexual pleasure. The youngest child rescued from this abuse was merely 11 months old.

            What kind of a mind practices and allows this horrendous evil to be practiced? The “snake alley” exists in reality. Had the authorities cracked down on this practice, it would not have continued. Who in their right mind allows such a practice to continue?

            The life of GG Allin, an American punk-rock singer and best known for his evil and appallingly nauseating practices may offer us a clue to the answers we are seeking. A peep into his thoughts uttered on the shows of Jerry Springer and Jane Whitney revealed his inherent anger that generated a non-conformist attitude.3 Wikipedia reports that he had a very troubled childhood under an abusive father.4 Therefore the nurture of an individual does seem to play a vital role in his making. 

            Fundamentally, can those who directly and indirectly force children into horrendously evil practices, and those such as GG Allin, be godly or can they call themselves as god fearing? I do not think so. (GG Allin was a self-proclaimed messiah!)

            Those who identify themselves as godly or god fearing cannot persist in doing horrendously evil deeds.

            From Christianity’s vantage point, man is not saved because of good works, but by the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who the man unconditionally believes, loves, obeys and glorifies in and through his life. Therefore, those who believe in the Lord Jesus will not and cannot be a part of horrendously evil deeds.

            Those who identify themselves as genuine Christians would not rape, torture children with porn or force them to eat faeces. Genuine Christians would not appreciate GG Allin or follow him, let alone do what he did.

            I am not saying that genuine Christians would be sinless. The Bible says that all are sinners. But the Bible also says that genuine Christians would not continue sinning – especially the horrendous sins.

            Genuine Christians will sincerely detest sins and will earnestly pray to be delivered from their sinful ways. By the grace of God, genuine Christians would gradually overcome their sins.

            For the sake of convenience and clarity but certainly not to import any theological nuance let me organize sins into two broad categories. The two categories would be based on the premise that human life is sacred (Cf. Genesis 1: 26, 9: 6). Thus the two categories of sins could be:

            (1) Sins that directly desacralize (destroy life’s sacredness) another human life (e.g. rape, murder, and other tortures etc.).

            (2) Sins that do not directly desacralize another human life (selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy etc).5

            Although a Christian may continue blindly in the sin of selfish ambition (a sin that does not directly desacralize another life), he cannot and would not continue blindly in the sin of rape or child molestation because these sins directly destroy another human life.

            Desacralization of a life is only possible when love is violated. Love of God and fellow neighbor is the core mandate of Christianity. Therefore, those who repeatedly murder, rape and force others into nauseatingly dreadful acts cannot be godly. They cannot identify themselves as god-fearing. They are a godless breed.

            It’s the absence of God in the person’s life that motivates him into desacralizing, sinful and appalling deeds. The persistent serial killers and serial rapists may possess a name that identifies them with a religion, but it’s only the name that is religious, not the person.

            Nevertheless, it’s the intent of a few to label those committing horrendous crimes as Christians. The malicious intent is to tarnish and ridicule Christianity.

            For instance, some label Adolf Hitler as a Christian. The evil deed of Hitler to murder six million Jews that included one million Jewish children and two million Jewish women is so horrendous that he simply could not have been a Christian. Even if he had been a Christian, he would have been a namesake Christian and not a practicing or a Christ-loving Christian.

            The Jews were not aggressive with Hitler. Given this fact, Hitler had no genuine reason whatsoever to murder the infants, the aged, the women, and even the men.

            But Hitler committed that methodical genocide since he considered the Jews to be an economic burden to Germany. Wikipedia quotes German historian Eberhard Jäckel who recorded that “in 1986 that one distinctive feature of the Holocaust was that: never before had a state with the authority of its responsible leader decided and announced that a specific human group, including its aged, its women and its children and infants, would be killed as quickly as possible, and then carried through this resolution using every possible means of state power.”6

            Because Hitler showed no love towards the Jews and because he massacred them, it would be very reasonable to state that Hitler was not a Christian. If he had been one, he would not have killed them.

            Therefore, the logical progression of this argument would be as follows:

            (A) To love a person is not to kill him.

            (B) Christianity mandates its believers to love God and fellow neighbor, and teaches not to murder.

            (C) Hitler did not love the Jewish race. He murdered millions of Jews.

            (D) Hence, Hitler was not a Christian.

            From another perspective, even if a person claims to be a Christian and continues to kill and rape, a proper understanding of the Bible does not permit a deliberation that God would allow this person into an eternal cohabitation with HIM. This person would not have been a Christian to begin with.

            At the cost of repetition, the most basic attribute of a Christian is to love his neighbor as he loves himself. Therefore, murder, rape and other desacralizing tortures are surely out of question in a Christian life. When a Christian grossly violates this mandate, there simply is no reason to believe his Christianity. 

            Such a person cannot even believe in any god for that matter. He most surely ought to be godless.

            But that lands us in another difficult predicament. Are all godless people ruthless tyrants? There are very good people even among the godless. These are those who are very kind, loving, and charitable. So, not all godless people are ruthless tyrants.

            I will conclude by saying that those who desacralize fellow human beings ought to be godless and downright depraved in their mind – to the extent of being demonic. The demonic depravity of a human mind generates an absolute blindness upon life’s sacredness of a fellow human being.

            When one does not recognize the life’s sacredness of another, he would most surely inflict any harm upon that life for self-gratifying carnal pleasures. Therefore, only a godless, depraved and a demonic human can perform horrendously evil deeds.

P.S: When we argue that a Christian cannot perform dastardly deeds such as murder and rape, one can retort through an argument that the God of the Bible is a moral monster who killed many. That the God of the Bible is not a moral monster has been reasonably and most adequately established.  My thoughts on this subject will be shared at a later time.




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5 Sins such as selfish ambitions, dissensions, factions and envy need not necessarily desacralize another human life directly. For instance, selfish ambition yields inordinate and greedy accumulation of property or power but not a destruction of another life.


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