Let’s talk.

Our opinions, translated into words and actions have an impact on those around us. This affects adjacent groups. Then the society. And thereon the city and the country and the world.

Our words and actions are powerful.

Now let me ask you… How many of your opinions do you categorize as being ‘well-informed’? Can you justify why you think and believe the way you do?

My name is Rajkumar Richard. After walking on the earth for a little over 49 years, I can tell you that our society is most certainly impacted collectively by individual minds. My aim is to help YOU make well-rounded decisions on topics that are affecting our everyday being.

In 2006, I believed that God called me into doing what HE desired of my life; I stopped doing what I wanted for my life. It has, since then, been my ardent endeavor to follow and obey God.

My fervent passion is to engage young minds in the precincts of churches, schools, colleges, universities and organizations; challenging their thought paradigm in themes that concern them, which would positively impact the society around them.