My Story

I spent my former years as a child in my homeland India. While studying grade nine in school, I moved to a tiny island in the Arabian Peninsula – Bahrain, which is my second home.

            During my late teen, back in India, the buzz of college-life gradually built a rebellious attitude which swayed me along the path of alcohol and drug addiction. Every effort made to quit, brought a comeback to the addiction with greater force. It was “back with a vengeance.”

In 1991, by the sheer grace of God, I once and for all gave up drugs. But smoking and drinking continued. Between 1995 and 2000, once again God graciously intervened in my life; I gave up smoking and drinking.

There was a point when I felt as if I’d missed out knowing and loving God in my prime years. Just as addiction always hit “back with a vengeance,” so was the decision to follow Christ… “with a vengeance.” I decided to pursue the Lord seriously with all my life until my last breath.

Amidst the life-altering decisions of my youth, I pursued a post-graduate degree in Biology at the Madurai Kamaraj University, India (1990). I earned a second post-graduate degree in Religion through the Southern Evangelical Seminary, USA (2012).

A 27-year walk down the verticals of IT, Telecom, Software and Religion, allowed me to interact with a host of individuals from around the globe. I carry this passion of interacting with people into the cyberspace by blogging on a host of topics through the Christian worldview.

Since 1986 and going strong, I have, and always will intensely bleed green and love the Boston Celtics (NBA). Tottenham Hotspurs is my football / soccer favorite. And in addition to these, watching tennis is always exciting. Playing badminton renews my energy every day. 

Aside from all this, I am blessed with two lovely children: John and Joanna.