Monday, April 6, 2015

Christianity In The Hands Of Mindless Histrionic Preachers

                   It’s a perennial joy to watch certain Christian preachers preach. I have enjoyed the sermons and lectures of Billy Graham, Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig and a few. They preach the gospel, defend historic Christianity and teach the Bible diligently.

            However, a few days ago I was bewildered to watch the mindless histrionic preaching of a few Christian preachers.

            A proud preacher1 had the audacity to claim that his anointed ministry is not meant to serve a mere 50-60 people rather it was meant to serve millions.

            Another theatrical preacher2 claimed that ordinary people could not step into a certain part of the stage (obviously that’s where he was standing) where apparently the Holy Spirit’s anointing was powerful. When people tried to step into that so-called anointed area of that stage, they were thrown back (the big question is if they were acting or not).

            Then there was a preacher3 whose primary task was to make people laugh. People laughed aloud uncontrollably when he touched them. People laughed because this preacher apparently anointed them with the Holy Spirit.

            Correct me if am wrong, but I most surely think these preachers are utterly mindless.  

            Why do I term them mindless? I am quite sure that there are many in Christendom in this genre of preaching. Is it demeaning to term these preachers as mindless? Let us think this through.

            What’s the purpose of this style of preaching? What do they try to achieve?  

            The proud preacher manifested his innate pride by purporting that his anointed ministry is not for a mere 50-60 people. His purpose, I reckon, was two-fold: (1) to explicitly yet proudly assert his astronomical spiritual net worth, and (2) to humiliate the members of his church whose sole fault was attending that worship service.

            His manifest purposes, as any honest student-of-the-Bible would affirm, are absolutely unbiblical. The Bible urges humility, not pride.

            The Bible mandates grace, love, mercy and compassion, not a vulgar demeaning outburst against naïve Christians – not the least to brutally massacre them for having attended the church service to worship God.

            What then was the proud preacher trying to achieve?           

            Apparently he did not want to waste his time on a few people (50-60) when he could have ministered profitably (pun intended) with a larger gathering. But was he justified in denying his ministry upon a few people?

            The Lord Jesus Christ, as the Bible reveals, ministered to both, the lone Samaritan woman, as well as a large gathering. If the Lord Jesus Christ ministered to a single person, who are we to not minister to a single person or a smaller group?

            When the Lord Jesus Christ did not condemn the woman caught in the act of adultery (a blatant sinner), who are we to condemn naïve Christians whose only fault was to attend a worship service to worship God.

            Would it not be appropriate to term this proud preacher as mindless because of his failure to be Christlike in his ministry? I honestly believe that this proud preacher, for reasons aforesaid, was mindless.

            Power preaching is in vogue in Christendom. Lavish display of power on stage attracts people.

            By power I do not mean powerful sermons preached by the power of God, rather an ostensible display of people being thrown around on the stage or people laughing uncontrollably when they were allegedly impacted by the so-called anointed preachers of God.   

            What’s the purpose of this display of power on stage? Superficially, I reckon, if I were to speak on behalf of these drama-preachers, these ravishing acts of power are meant to display God’s power.

            I ask two questions: (1) Did Christ display power where people were thrown around when he touched them? (2) Does God require us to perform such power-ministries?

            Christ displayed the power of the miraculous - resurrecting the dead, healing, casting of demons, calming the storm, multiplying bread and fish etc. These miraculous events blessed people’s lives.

            To the best of my knowledge of the Bible, I neither think that people were thrown around nor did they laugh uncontrollably when Christ touched them.

            The power Christ displayed was more meaningful i.e. it blessed human life significantly. Contrarily, as is the case with these preachers, lives are not blessed when people are thrown around and when they laugh uncontrollably.  

            The powerful ministry that God desires of us is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28: 18-20) and be witnesses of Christ (Acts 1: 8). There is another power the Bible mentions, but rarely practiced these days, which is the power to share our possessions with the needy (Acts 4: 32-34). Of course, we cannot ignore the powerful ministries of healing and exorcisms.

            The Bible does not urge or mandate us to display power of comical proportions – to throw people around and/or to make them laugh uncontrollably upon being touched by the so-called anointed minister. So I do not understand the sincere purpose behind such scandalous display of power on stage other than the fact that their genuine purpose may be to propel themselves to greater fame among the masses.

            I honestly believe that this genre of ministry is mindless and unbiblical in that it does not normatively bless people (or at least I cannot understand how it blesses people, barring God’s sovereign intervention).

            This genre of mindless histrionic preaching is not the need of the hour, unless these mindless preachers compulsively desire to gratify the audience by humoring them at no extra cost.

            This is the need of the hour. People would be blessed when they are drawn to the love of Christ through the preaching of the gospel. People are blessed when they are loved and cared for, especially during their moments of need and desperation.

            Those ailing would be blessed when they are healed of their sickness or when they are delivered from demonic oppression. Those in doubt would be blessed when the Bible is taught and clarified – undiluted and unadulterated.

            May we do all that we can to bless people. May not our will be done, but may the good Lord enable us to do HIS perfect and pleasing will always. Amen.


You can watch these preachers by copy-pasting the following links in your browser (they speak in Tamil – a South Indian language):

1 Proud preacher:

2 Theatrical preacher:

3 Preacher who makes people laugh:

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