Monday, October 19, 2015

Illuminati In Churches?

            After Madonna and AC/DC performed in the 2015 Grammy Awards, social media lit up with illuminati buzz! Dancers on stage and many in the audience sported devil’s horns - a symbol of illuminati (which means enlightened).

            Many celebrities and famous personalities are rumored to belong to illuminati, which apparently is a secret group striving to create a new world order of Satanic nature. Symbolisms of the All Seeing Eye, Pyramids, the Pentagram, the number 666, the Owl, Eternal Flame, the Skull and the Snakes are associated with the illuminati.

            Illuminati spelt in reverse is “itanimulli.” connects to National Security Agency’s website (! Wait, is NSA controlled by illuminati? 

   reports [1] that Adam Weishaupt, professor of religious law, founded illuminati, “…the Illuminati of history, rather than legend, was a secret society formed in Bavaria in 1776 with the political goal of encouraging rebellion of the people and the abolition of the established monarchies.” Significantly, illuminati of history was destroyed within 15 years of its origin. 

            Illuminati of today - a brainchild of conspiracy theorists or paranoid conspiracy theorists  - which apparently endeavors to bring a new world order, has seemingly infiltrated Christianity, “Some conspiracy theorists say the New World Order is the outward goal and the Illuminati are the secret power working behind the scenes to achieve it. Many entertainers are obviously aware of Illuminati legends and work those symbols and myths into their acts to fuel further speculation.

            Supporters of this idea say organizations like the United Nations, European Union, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, G-20 Economic Group, the World Court, NATO, Council on Foreign Relations, World Council of Churches and various multinational corporations are pawns of the New World Order, nudging the world closer and closer to this socialist, one-economy, one-religion future” [2]

            Googling ‘illuminati in churches’ will display Hillsong church’s illuminati affiliations. Is Hillsong associated with illuminati? Allegedly, Hillsong displays an illuminati pyramid in its center screen. Apparently, the symbolisms of illuminati adorn the precincts of other churches as well.  

            This then is the illuminati drift:

            A. Illuminati is supposedly secretive and satanic.

            B. Its members are the rich and powerful from all over the world. Illuminati allegedly controls all major organizations of the world and endeavors to bring about a new world order (one ruler, one economy and one religion).

            C. There are symbols connected to illuminati.

            D. When people or organizations, which include churches, sport these symbolisms they are thought to be linked to illuminati.

            From within Christianity, illuminati is connected to end times. The proponents of end times constitute the fan club of illuminati. But is illuminati real or is it a figment of people’s imagination? Speculation is probably the only answer to that question.

            Illuminati may or may not exist. Its presence is merely a speculation due to the absence of concrete evidences endorsing its existence. If illuminati exists and if its alleged characteristics are factual, it’s a potential agent to persecute Christians and those from other religions. This is undeniable.

            In fact, if illuminati does not exist, Christians would be persecuted by other agencies. Persecution for Christians is a constant.

            Can you and I destroy illuminati’s existence? No! If it’s as powerful as it’s rumored to be, then it will thrive, provided God allows its existence for the purpose of end times.

            So the most meaningful question you and I need to ask is not about illuminati’s existence but our response to illuminati if it does exist, “If Illuminati exists, how should we respond?” Our response would be an indication of our preparedness to persecution.

            First, if any church has illuminati affiliations then false teachings would prevail. Those teachings would evidently contradict the Bible.

            But if we do not know the Bible, how would we identify false teachings? So it’s every Christian’s responsibility to study his Bible.

            An obvious false teaching would be to assert the oneness of all religions. A majority subscription to oneness of religion would evidently usher a world with one religion – an agenda of illuminati (if at all it exists).

            Beware, churches could be secretive of its illuminati affiliations, for it need not sport illuminati symbols but could be a part of illuminati ideology.

            With or without illuminati, Christian postmodernism or the emergent church movement endeavors to achieve oneness of religion. (Attention conspiracy theorists, these groups could be tentacles of illuminati!!)      

            On a side note, churches faithful to Christ would do well to remove all symbolisms associated with illuminati, even if illuminati were to be an oneiric tendency of the conspiracy theorists. If hillsong church carries the pyramid associated with illuminati, it should remove that pyramid so not to be an obstacle to the growing faith of Christians. 

            Second, the devil knows the Bible (cf. Matthew 4:6; James 2:19). Although knowledge of the Bible is mandatory, it’s not the end of a Christian life. Knowledge of Bible is the beginning of a Christian life. Knowledge of Bible should motivate Christians to love the Triune God and to remain in Christ all through their life.

            Third, if we remain in Christ, our resolve to stand for Christ amidst persecutions would be strong. We would never let go of Christ. We may let go of our life, but not Christ.

            Fourth, if illuminati exists and if its agendas gain traction towards fruition, be assured that God is involved in this movement. The sovereign God, who for a period of time has allowed Satan and his entourage to rule the earth albeit within HIS sovereignty, will permit events to usher the antichrist as a precursor to Christ’s 2nd coming.  

            Finally, if we love and remain in Christ, fear would be non-existent in our life (Cf. 1 John 4:18). If fear is nonexistent in our life, we would not be alarmed by illuminati or ISIS. Instead of capitulating to fear, we would dwell in the Lord and our lives would be surrendered to HIS holy presence. When our lives are surrendered to Christ, we would be God’s agents of spiritual strengthening and transformation of our fellow Christians through our words and deeds.

            The Bible does not particularly mention illuminati. If illuminati is an outcome of the paranoid conspiracy theorists’ oneiric propensities, it’s then obvious that illuminati does not exist. But existence or non-existence of illuminati is insignificant. Since the Lord’s return is certain, the arrival of antichrist is also certain. This antichrist would eventually rule the world to usher a new world order.  

            As Christians we should anticipate this event to occur at any time. We are to be prepared and also prepare our fellow Christians for this event. Our earthly life is a precursor to our eternal life. Our endeavor is to live with Christ eternally and not away from HIS presence.




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